Department Of Food Science and Technology

Faculty: Nutrition Sciences


Food is the basic necessity of life. It is the nutritious substance that people eat or drink to maintain their life and growth. Humans require it to build and repair tissues and to keep the body in a good working condition, it acts as a fuel for energy. Food technology is an important source of foreign exchange earnings and stimulates growth in other sectors as the ongoing advanced technical advancemFSTs in food science are used to enhanced the quality and growing rate of food.

DepartmFST of Food Science and Technology started the bachelor degree program in 2022. At the beginning this departmFST started with laboratory facilities provided by the collaboration with the Agriculture Research Institute (ARI), Mingora Swat. Highly qualified faculty and other staff members are providing their services to the departmFST.


The aim of the Food Science and Technology is to provide quality education and its application in handling, processing and preservation of food for life. It provide cutting edge techniques to overcome global challenges in food safety and security.


Major Courses:

DepartmFST of Food Science and Technology offers the following courses with the total 58 credit hours in four semesters.

Course No Course Title Course No Course Title
FST-501 Food Processing and Preservation FST-601 Food Analysis
FST-502 Post-harvest Technology FST-602 Beverage Technology
FST-503 Dairy Technology FST-603 Cereal Technology
FST-504 Sugar Technology FST-604 Meat Technology
FST-505 Fruits and Vegetable Processing FST-605 Poultry and Egg Processing
FST-511 Food Processing Engineering-1 FST-611 Sea Food Processing Technology
FST-512 Food Chemistry FST-612 Confectionary and Snack Foods
FST-513 Food Microbiology FST-613 Food Toxicology and Safety
FST-514 Technology of Fat and Oils FST-614 Internship and Report writing
FST-515 Food Laws and Regulations


Department of Food Science and Technology
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