Department of Plant Breeding and Genetics

Faculty: Crop Production Sciences


Understanding the fundamental concepts of plant breeding and genetics is essential to providing solutions to the wide array of problems in food, fiber and energy production. Department of Plant Breeding and Genetics provides a foundation for classical plant breeding, as well as modern approaches to crop improvement and the creation of superior agricultural varieties. The research may help to increase the quality and variety of crops and plants. The department offers a broad array of courses, which are classified at the introductory level for those providing a generalized background and at the advanced level that include discussions in particular areas that are essential for professional development in genetics, as applied to the agricultural and basic sciences. In the Plant Breeding and Genetics graduate program area, students receive training in a wide range of courses in plant physiology, biochemistry, molecular biology, genetics, plant- microbe interactions, breeding and biotechnology. Interdisciplinary training is also provided for comprehensive preparation for careers in research and education in plant biology, genetics and related areas. the global perspectives coupled with local action to address issues of sustainability and economic viability. The department also help to develop protocols and guidelines to enhance the efficiency of crop mutation breeding.



The department of Soil and Environmental Sciences aims to develop students’ ability to understand key soil physical and chemical properties and processes, their ability to relate these to soil management in agriculture, and critical evaluation of soil-based research. Furthermore, to develop an understanding of the importance of climate in relation to agriculture and the environment.


Major Courses:

Scheme of Studies for BSc (Hons) Degree Programs in Plant Breeding and Genetics

Course No Course Title Credit Hrs
PBG 401 Introductory Genetics 3(2-1)
PBG 402 Introductory Plant Breeding 3(2-1)
PBG 501 Principles of Genetics 3(2-1)
PBG 503 Breeding Field Crops 3(2-1)
PBG 505 Cytogenetics 3(2-1)
PBG 507 Fundamentals of Plant Biometry 3(3-0)
PBG 509 Modern Techniques in Plant Breeding 3(2-1)
PBG 502 Breeding Fiber Crops 3(2-1)
PBG 504 Breeding Sugar Crops 3(2-1)
PBG 506 Breeding Maize and Millets 3(2-1)
PBG 508 Biodiversity and Plant Genetic Resources 3(3-0)
PBG 510 Molecular Genetics 3(2-1)
PBG 601 Breeding Oilseed Crops 3(2-1)
PBG 603 Breeding Pulse Crops 3(2-1)
PBG 605 Breeding Vegetable Crops 3(2-1)
PBG 607 Breeding Cereal Crops 3(2-1)
PBG 609 Experimentation in Plant Breeding 3(2-1)
PBG 602 Breeding Fodder and Forage Crops 3(2-1)
PBG 604 Breeding Minor Crops 3(2-1)
PBG 606 Crop Variety Registration and Intellectual Property Rights 3(3-0)
PBG 608 Breeding for Crop Quality Traits 3(2-1)
PBG 610 Fundamentals of Research & Scientific Writing 3(3-0)
PBG 612 Genomics in Agriculture 3(2-1)
PBG 614 Bio-safety Measures in Crop Improvement 3(2-1)
PBG 616 Breeding Medicinal Plants 3(2-1)
PBG 618 Internship or Research Project 4(0-4)


Department of Plant Breeding and Genetics
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