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Provision of quality higher education to the talented youth of the province at their door steps has been one of the top priorities of our government. We have not only strengthened the existing universities but established new ones on need basis. These endeavors will go a long way

to produce highly skilled human resources in the province. As an agricultural country, our livelihood, national economy, growth and development are for the most part dependent upon agriculture. Owing to its peculiar agro climatic conditions, Swat is considered as the fruit basket of Pakistan. Despite the blessed abundance of the natural and human resources. The farmers of Malakand Division in particular and KP in general are yet to attain the level of prosperity matching its potential. It is a matter of immense pleasure and satisfaction for me that with the establishment of University of Agriculture Swat (UAS), the talented youth of the area will now have access to the latest technelogies in the fields of sustainable agriculture, water and soil management, agro-forestry, agri-business and agro-tourism etc. Envision UAS as a center of excellence arid a beacon of light in the field of agriculture not only for Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Pakistan but th entire country and beyond as well. I hope and pray that graduates of the UAS will play a vital role in the development and uplift of the nation.



The Agriculture is considered to be the backbone of Pakistan's economy and is an inevitable and integral part which ensures food security and economic up rise of the country. We provide on campus field research under the supervision of qualified staff in agriculture, entomology, plant breeding & genetics and soil sciences.

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